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Where is doctor who theme song sheet music for bagpipes?

How do you get Doctor Who sheet music for a trombone? Does Matt Smith resemble Michael Palin? What fruit does David Tennant like? What is the height of every actor who’s played doctor who?

An odd, but reasonably tame insight into the minds of Doctor Who fans across the world. These queries come from; a strange aggregator that passes off the questions people type into it as content, with the user-generated answers adding more content.

As such it’s kind of a new kind of search engine, where people don’t type in regular search queries but actually post their strange queries as they would address to a person. As such, they tend to throw up lots of random and bizarre questions that only real fans could ever come up with.

Lots of questions relating to Doctor Who computer games ( I deleted them – they were boring); minutiae concerning Matt Smith and David Tennant; requests for TARDIS dimensions and specifications; Doctor Who sheet music; and many many more.

Many of these are the sort of questions Doctor Who Adventures is presumably designed for – or Peter Haining books covered – but most will never be answered. Who knows whether David Tennant was in ‘richmend hill’ church today? How does one go about getting Matt Smith personized? How do you find doctor who theme Latin version? And just how many times are they going introduce a ‘last ever Dalek’ in the show?

I’ve rounded up a snapshot of questions below. All are genuine; most peculiar. My favourite?

Where is doctor who theme song sheet music for bagpipes?

Matt Smith

How much does Matt Smith weigh?
Does matt smith use an inhaler?
Who is matt smith’s grandfather?
Who are Matt Smith’s grandparents?
Will Matt Smith or Karren Gillian come to inverness in 2011?
What are the steps to getting Matt Smith’s hairstyle?
Will matt smith come to harwich?
How do you get matt smith personized?
What is matt smiths fave film?
What is Matt Smith’s favorite song?
How much does Matt Smith get paid?
Does Matt Smith have any allergies?
Does matt smith resemble micheal palin in any way?

David Tennant

Does David tennant like to read?
What fruit does David Tennant like?
Has david tennant ever broken his nose?
What was David Tennants best part of life?
What sunglasses does David Tennant wear in the end of time?
Are you sad that David Tennant is not going to be The Doctor anymore? I am?
When was David Tennant’s sister born?
What are David Tennant’s like and dislikes?
Was david tennant in richmend hill church today?

Theme music

What are the cello notes to the Doctor Who theme theme tune?
Where can you get the doctor who theme tune sheet music for trumpets?
Where can you find a doctor who music book for keyboard?
Where can you download the Doctor Who theme sheet music?
Where can you find the sheet music for the Doctor Who theme on trombone?
How do you find doctor who theme Latin version?
Where is doctor who theme song sheet music for bagpipes?


What was the doctor who episode where they where going to Sacrifice the doctors companion you were a kid and it was in the 80s you are sure their was probaly more than one like this?

DOCTOR WHO in the family of blood when the kid opens the pocket watch to show the alien girl and there is a scene of the doctor standing infront of a firey furnace area where can you get a picture?

How many times has the last dalek been used on the TV show Doctor Who when introducing a Delak and exactly how many more times do they plan on using this phrase?

Toys and merch

Do the Eastgate Waterstones have the book Doctor who the pandorica opens?
Does the cape of doctor who figure francesco come off?
Where can you buy Doctor Who party balloons in Australia?
Can you buy the time crash tenth doctor figure separately?
What batteries does the doctor who eleventh doctor’s sonic screwdriver need?
Will there be a new doctorwho tardis play set 2010?
Where can you get a cheap sonic screwdriver in England?
Where do you get remote control Daleks in New Zealand?

The rest

Where can you find plans for a full size wooden tardis?
How do you build a tardis zipperobe?
What is Rose Tylers favourite colour?
What galaxy is gallifrey in?
Why does the doctor turn into the actor tom baker?
Who gave craig ferguson the tardis?
How many times has the tardis changed?
What is the height of every actor who’s played doctor who?
Is karen gillan a catholic?
Who portrayed the daleks in the episode with Churchill of Doctor Who?
Where does arthur darvill from doctor who live?
Will the war chief return in episode 3 of doctor who series 6?
Is billie piper a rajini fan?
What does Billie Piper like?
How can you make your name look like the doctor who titles?
How do you do the doctor who regeneration effect?
Who was the woman singing in Doctor Who the tv movie?
What does Doctor Who say to the thief in the Planet of the dead?
Where can you get karen gillans purple dress from?
Who directed Dr Who?
Where is amy pond’s leather jacket from?
What is Doctor Who’s favourite number?
In Doctor Who What planet are the krynoids from?
Has the tardis ever been a piano?
What is the name of the final song in The Time of Angels Doctor Who Episode?
How is a Dalek made?
What happend to ace in doctor who?
How many special guests have appeared in Doctor Who?
In what torchwood novel do jack and ianto go out on a date?
Where are the vinegar bottles in K9 Deja Who?
What did Jamie do after the doctor left?
What software do people use to make their own Doctor Who title sequences?
Did Elizabeth Sladen attend John Pertwee’s funeral?
What colour are the new series Doctor Who Daleks. Exact RGB colours please
What is the name of the boarding school in Doctor who Family of blood?
How can i build a dalek emperor figure about 10 inches high?
What was the dispute between the BBC and The Met over the tardis?
Will morbins returnin the new Doctor Who?
What draws the tardis to earth in ‘Image of the Fendahl’?
What headset did the Doctor use in ‘Planet of the Dead’?
Who was Barry Letts original choice for the part of Sarah Jane Smith before he gave the role to Lis Sladen?

New Series

Caves and Twins: The Doctor’s Wife

Neil Gaiman’a long-awaited Doctor Who episode hit the screens with an annoyingly glib title to give us a set-up that Who fans have long imaged or written bad fanfic about.

Lawrence Miles might be raising an eyebrow, with the first example of a sentient TARDIS I can think of occurring in Alien Bodies. Either that or he’s writing 10,000 words on The Power of Kroll.

Anyway, was The Doctor’s Wife Neverwhere or was it…. well, I like all Gaiman’s stuff.

The Doctor and the TARDIS – Although some of it went into kooky/wacky mode many of these scenes were touching and peculiar. The scenes at the end were almost heart-breaking. Lovely Doctor Who.

House and the planet – Seemingly another echo from a New Adventure. House seemed rather like God in The Also People, unquestionably the best in the range to my mind. An intriguing idea.

Everything else on the planet was fascinating. The set-up and characters and dialogue and actors all fell into place wonderfully – and it looked startling. For all Doctor Who’s ‘anywhere, anytime’ shtick it rarely looks so alien and odd as it did in The Doctor’s Wife.

Scary shit – The scenes of Rory and Amy in the TARDIS were genuinely unsettling and disturbing. Well written, well shot and well played.

The regulars – Smith seemed back to his brilliant bonkers best this week after a couple of weeks where he seemed a bit lost. Some quieter stuff from the Doc was more interesting, while Darvill and Gillen were strong too.


That title. A tiresome facet of the new series is the urge to fling out controversial, eye-catching titles. It seems to me to be the equivalent of writing stories about celebrities in order to attract search-engine traffic to your literary website. The result is always the same – the user ‘bounces’ back off the site the second they realise they’ve been conned.

Kooky TARDIS – While I generally loved this episode and the thing with the TARDIS I did feel, with a somewhat weary sense of inevitability that the embodiment of the TARDIS was one part haughty Time Lady and one part wacky Doctor-like cypher. Occasionally irritating.

TARDIS corridors – All of time, all of space, all those adventures and the TARDIS is still a collection of featureless corridors? Crikey.

Rory’s old make-up – A little whinge, but such a bad hooter. Arthur Darvill looked like Clouseau in one of his disguises.

Any complaints this week can be shrugged off as I felt the episode was an almost unmitigated triumph. It was scary and funny and weird and witty and touching – everything good Doctor Who should be.