Nick Courtney appears on BBC7

Not a lot to this, I just noticed Nick Courtney pointing at something – clearly from The FIve Doctors – in a picture on the iPlayer suggestions for me the other day and was quite chuffed by the sight.

The iPlayer is brilliant, and BBC7 is like a little island back to the past as it consists mainly of audio plays from the last 30 or 40 years. It’s a great advert for how amazing the BBC is, and some of the wonderful stuff it’s put out over the years.

It’s also a very good argument for the BBC licence fee; as it’s unthinkable that a commercial radio station would be able to broadcast stuff like The Scarifyers, or most of the other stuff on BBC7.

Anyway, I listened to a bit of The Scarifyers and found it a tad florid for my liking. Better are the classic dramatisations, ghost stories, sitcoms and dramas. Wonderful stuff, and how lovely to see the Brig popping up on the BBC again.