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Incomprehensible talking Cyberman

I received a talking Earthshock-era Cyberman from a mate a few years ago, and very good it is too. If you’re looking at it. If you want to listen to it you’re in for a shock.

Because while the talking Cyberman is supposed to have four phrases – “Emotion is a weakness” and “Excellent!” are the only ones I can remember – they all sound exactly the same. Which is to say the all sound like “schhh, tschhhhhh, shhhh, tshhh, tschhhchshchhh”.

It’s utterly hopeless at talking. But it still sounds better than the new Cyberman.

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Doctor Who and Matt Smith invade Twitter trending topics

For a good period of the night, Twitter’s trending topics were dominated by Doctor Who and Matt Smith, as The Eleventh Hour showed on BBC1.

There was a cheeky mention of Twitter by Smith too, which can’t have done any harm.

Also, most likely for the first time ever, there was quite a lot of mentions of Logopolis – as the Sci-Fi channel continued its Doctor Who weekend.

Earthshock is also on – look for Adric trending later on tonight.