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Anthony Ainley’s best bits from Destiny of the Doctors

Destiny of the Doctors is a fairly patchy RPG released in the mid-90s that features Anthony Ainley in his last performance as The Master.

The game itself is imaginative and respectful of the show, featuring vocal performances from all the living Doctors, but it didn’t really hold up that well as a gaming experience.

It was pretty buggy, the interface was awkward and the gameplay repetitive, but in a world without any new Who, and the prospect of a revival seemingly remote, new products like this seems important at the time.

I always rated Ainley’s Master when he wasn’t made to pantomime it up, and found him a lot more frightening a character than Delgado.

While the original Master gave the impression that he was more interested in besting The Doctor at bridge, the Ainley Master was believably unhinged, and quite sadistic to boot.

He’s often superb in stories like Logopolis, Castrovala and particularly Survival, but his last performance in Destiny of the Doctors is a more relaxed, humourous but still menacing rendition of the Master.

Ainley was, by all accounts, quite mad – in a joyously English actorly way – and there are plenty of tales about his pleasure in playing the Master and his habit of leaving voice messages and replying to fan mail in character.

It’s quite hard to track the game down, so I’ve embedded a few of the videos that form the cut scenes in the game below.

Compilation of all Master clips

Watch right to the end for an easter egg not in the actual game (that I can remember anyway)

Rescored clips

A rescored selection of clips, which only goes to show that it’s not just Keff McCulloch who can made to look stupid when his music’s taken out of context

Keeper Of Traken tribute

A lovely touch that plays right at the end of the Keeper of Traken DVD.