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RIP Angry Who Fan

Amusing ‘droo’ blog Angry Who Fan seems to have reached the end of his regenerative life-cycle; which is to say that his blog isn’t up any more.

This is a shame, because I found it very funny – if a tad OTT from time to time – and represented, to some degree, my feelings on NuWho: I like some of it; I hate some of it but I’ll keep watching it because, well, because it’s Doctor Who.

There was quite a loyal following, mainly consisting of some of the most insane people in fandom, and a smattering of content that suggested something of an inside track.

It was also something of an antidote to the rather boring BBC-Big Finish-DWM-uberfan hierarchy that spends most of its time telling us how great the new series and Torchwood are.

In my own personal tribute, I’ll probably be ripping off the ‘amusingly titled screenshots’ thing he used to do. In the meantime here’s one of the animations he did, which kinda sums up the entire blog.