Change my dear…

Probic Vent has regenerated. You might notice that the site looks different. Whether you regard this as a complete Tom or an utter Colin is rather moot, due to the lack of decent themes you can use on a self-hosted blog.

Here are some highlights you can expect over the coming year on the all-new Probic Vent:

  • An interview with Tom Baker (dependant on whether I can, by some miracle, make this happen – I calculate the chance of this happening as being in the low single figures.)

  • The Geek Clique tackling Season 3 of the new Doctor Who.

  • Preview of Nick Briggs’ new Big Finish play, The Nick Briggs of the Daleks.

  • Increasingly anguished Caves and Twins reviews of the new series as I realise I don’t really like Doctor Who any more.

  • Feverished, vaguely pitiful reporting of whatever 50th anniversary stuff is coming up.

  • The second episode of my review of The Prisoner episodes (at this rate I’ll be finished by 2036).

  • My 54-part retrospective on the work of Christopher H Bidmead (currently seeking publisher).

  • Something about Blake’s 7.

  • Something slagging of Murray Gold
  • NB. Here’s a banner I was going to use. I’m not going to as it doesn’t look as funny as I thought it would. Still, I think it’s quite funny, so here you go: