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Caves and Twins: The Time of Angels

The best and worst bits of The Time of Angels

This week was The Moff’s sequel to Blink; his Aliens to the former’s Alien; his Wrath of Khan to, er, The Motion Picture; his Parting of the Ways to Dalek; his… (that’s enough Time of Angels comparisons – Ed).


Smith – back to his best with some good material. And look at him running – he runs like Troughton!

Gillan – Proving to be the best companion for ages, and got in a cheeky “I’m not that clingy’ line this week. Take that Rose!

Cool opening scene, bizarrely featuring the bloke from The Streets. But it worked.

All of the cast. No-one put a foot wrong. And Iain Glen’s in it!

Alien films references. Maybe not references as such, but there were plenty of smart lifts from the Alien films, including the space-faring warrior clergy; the uprated threat and new powers from the Angels; the use of sci-fi tech; and just taking the whole thing up several notches.

A spot of unpleasant violence. One of the things that RTD seemed to arbitrarily rule out was anything that was deemed too nasty. Snapped necks and plenty of guns this week rather bucked that trend.

Moffatt one-liners. One of the things that The Moff really excels at is smart, often throwaway one-liners. Littered throughout the script like angels in the cavern here.

Some old TARDIS noises. Namely the BOINK on landing and familiar hum.

Smith’s pivotal speech. Smith nailed it, and every Doc should have a character-defining speech. This was the Eleventh Doctor’s.


The bloody BBC. Squashing titles is bad enough; those gormless Saturday night trails with Daleks chasing after Graham Norton and the like between shows are worse; but the Beeb outdid itself this week, plastering an animated Norton right over Matt Smith’s face as he was delivering THE speech of the season. Fucking idiots.

Sound mix – still doesn’t sound right on normal TVs – too many lines are drowned out.

River Song. The idea of the out-of-synch love story is an engaging one, and Alex Kingston is fine. I find the character just a bit annoying, though. Still, I’m reaching a bit as there wasn’t that much to dislike this week.

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