New Series

Caves and Twins: The Beast Below

The best bit and the worst bit of The Beast Below, the second episode in the new series of Doctor Who.

I’ve decided that I’m going to give bullet-point reviews of the new series in terms of what I liked and what I didn’t like.

And in true geek style I’m naming the good stuff after Caves of Androzani – the best Doctor Who story ever – and The Twin Dilemma, which is possibly the worst.

Those not familiar with the classic series might care think of it as Blink and Rose; or Midnight and New Earth; or Fireplace and Stratagem.

Anyway, I’ve enjoyed the new series under Steven Moffat so far, and think Matt Smith and Karen Gillan are shaping up to be excellent.

I’ll have to go back and rewatch The Eleventh Hour in the future, here’s The Beast Below for now.


Matt Smith’s continuing excellence – Gangly, distracted, underplayed, vague suggestion of cunning. Troughton is actually one of my less favourite Doctors, but Smith has caught everything good about The Trout.

Karen Gillan – Porno reaction shots notwithstanding, Gillan makes Amy believable and sufficiently clued-up without being irritating.

The Doctor on the screen – a nice little throwaway visual gag.

Doctor detective work – Is this a new motif for the new series? The Doctor works stuff out by deductive reasoning. Pleasantly different from waving a sonic screwdriver at something and frowning.

The Doctor gets angry – Again, came over as underplayed and real, a great counterpoint to Tennant’s SHOUTYNESS-AH!

Churchill and Daleks – Love the lead-in to the next episode.

This isn’t going to be big on dignity! – Just an amusing line



Space Whale – As a friend of mine put it: Fucking Space Fucking Whale.

Old, alone, kind, wibble – As subtle as an RTD season finale.

Liz Ten – Curiously annoying.

Wasted smilers – Somehow should have been much more creepy.