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Caves and Twins: The Eleventh Hour

The Eleventh Hour - the first of a brave new era for Moffatt, for Smith, for the Eleventh Doctor, for the show.

So, did Moffatt's new fairytale Doctor Who prove to be a bit Rose, New Earth, Smith and Jones, Partners in Crime... actually all of the first episodes tend to be unremitting shite, so will this be a change?



The crack in the wall... the edge of the eye - Loved all the stuff about creepy stuff that scares kids. Nicely understated and eerie

Young Amelia - Wonderful performance from the girl who played young Amy - threatened to overshadow Karen Gillan.

Smith - Got there in the end. Despite all the internet rumours, despite being too young, despite the Tennant squeers, despite the weight of a 47-year-old show on his scrawny shoulders, Smith pulled it off.

Amy's story - Heart-breakingly abandoned by the Doctor - or was she? - and resulting in a flighty, slightly unbalanced flame-haired babe with a Raggedy Doctor fetish. Interesting.

Patrick Moore - Recast a rogueish astronomer permanently on the pull. Amusing.

Redesigned TARDIS - Exterior anyway.



Fishfinger custard - An idea of 'eccentric' so hackneyed even RTD would have thought twice. In fact the whole first 15 minutes, complete with Murray's "I'm writing Harry Potter score" and kerrayzee tone were like a pissed Uncle dancing to Madness at a wedding. Post-regeneration trauma has never been so twatty.

Prisoner Zero - Slightly interesting as barking man or weird housewife and kids, dull-as-dishwater as unconvincing CGI blob.

Plot - Rubbish, but prepared to overlook it cos there was so much to do in the episode.

All in all a top start. Remarkable how fresh it all seemed a matter of months after The End of Time. New Doctor, new companion and the whole new feel of the show come together to make Series Five an intriguing prospect.

• Caves and Twins? What are you dribbling on about?

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