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Peter Davison’s message to Gallifrey One

Peter Davison couldn't make the Gallifrey One convention this year, he's starring in the Legally Blonde musical alongside Sheridan Smith, but he sent this remote message by way of greeting.

Davison, who was My Doctor as it goes, shows his comic skills off and a willingness to send himself up that has served him well through his career. There's also a very Doctorish moment at 4.10 to look out for.

And if you think that's good, wait until the very end.

And here's another little vignette of Peter being amusing in The Kidnappers, along with Mark Gatiss and David Walliams from BBC2's Doctor Who night which, startlingly, was over ten years ago.

"Do you think it would be alright to... kiss Peter Davison?"


Hush child stop addlepating me!

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