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The dirty clothes that Davison’s Doctor ended up after his quest for the bat milk

I found this picture of Colin Baker's Doctor wearing the Davison Doctor's outfit, post-Androzani in doll form.

Presumably it's also possible to buy a doll of Nicola Bryant being strangled which, although amusing, would probably not be the Nicola Bryant doll of choice for most Who fans.

This exclusive figure portrays the 6th Doctor, Colin Baker, right after he regenerated from the 5th Doctor in "Caves of Androzani". The Doctor regenerated after retrieving the milk of a bat and carrying Peri back to the TARDIS. Unfortunately, the Doctor only had enough bat milk for Peri (it was the cure for a fatal disease they both had contracted)and in an instant, Peter Davison was transformed into Colin Baker. Not even the celery could help the Fifth Doctor. This figure has the messed up, dirty clothes that Davison's Doctor ended up after his quest for the bat milk.


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