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Caves and Twins: Victory of the Daleks

Victory of the Daleks, Mark Gattiss’ third episode of the news series of Who under Steven Moffat, gave us new Daleks, Churchill, spitfires in space and a jammy dodger.

But which bits were Karen Gillan’s legs and which bits were a bit Raynor?


The guest cast. Ian McNeice is always value for money, but Bill Paterson edged ahead with a lovely little performance.

Karen Gillan was again excellent, and is quite a hottie. Both good things

Spitfire dogfight in space. When did you ever think you’d see that in Doctor Who?

Cunning Daleks. It was about time Nu Who did something different with the Daleks, who have been all-but neutered of their threat, so effectively restored by Rob Shearman a few years ago but so quickly eroded by countless crap scripts.


Weird, I mean seriously weird, pacing. Two-paced, like a treacherous cricket track, it felt like a two-parter cut down to 45 minutes.

The Doctor. Gatiss’ lines for Eleven sounded like they were written for Ten. Smith seemed a bit unsure, and seemed incidental.

The new Daleks. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, and other truisms. iDaleks, someone called them. Quite.

Talking Bill Paterson out of blowing himself up. Rescued by the performances, but fundamentally crap.

• Caves and Twins? What are you dribbling on about?

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