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Radio Times Daleks covers

Below are some covers from the Radio Times prefacing Victory of the Daleks and the new Dalek design.

It's not clear if these are an all-new design or some kind of off-shoot of the usual lot or some kind of Churchillian invention specific to the episode, written by Mark Gatiss.

For the purposes of the cover, the Daleks are decked out in the primary colours of the three main UK political parties - a gimmick BMW introduced on April Fool's Day this year.

The pictures below are vaguely spoiler-y, so worth avoiding if you don't want to spoil yourself for Saturday.

• The Radio Times has a gallery of Dalek front covers on its site, including the following cracker for Day of the Daleks, by the great Frank Bellamy.


New New New Series Doctor Who trailer

The latest new trailer for the new series, which begins on 3 April 2010, is hitting the net - boasting some pretty impressive visuals and some superbly bashed up traditional monsters.

Here's what the Daily Fail has to say on the subject:

The episode, entitled The Eleventh Hour, follows him and new companion Amy Pond played by Gillan, fight a new gruesome shapeshifting monster dubbed Prisoner Zero with just 20 minutes to save the world.

Equally monstrous is Matt Smith's jaw, which seems to be doing some shape-shifting of its own.

The clip also seems to show a rather different TARDIS interior, the return of the Weeping Angels and Nick Brigg's latest holiday down-payment.

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