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Those Big Finish 2011 releases in full…

Holy shit! We got Tom!

A new series of Fourth Doctor adventures starring Tom Baker as Tom Baker.

New stories by Jacqueline Rayner, Steve Cole, Justin Richards, Nick Briggs, Barnaby Edwards and Gary Russell forever.

£30 each

Bandril Empire by Barnaby Edwards

A six-CD box-set examining what would have happened had the Bandrils been the dominant race in the galaxy.

Starring Nick Briggs as Professor Enigmaticum, Maureen O'Brien as Vicki and some bloke who was in the Power of Kroll.


Stotz and Krelper: Tabula Rasa

The enduringly popular duo from the 1984 adventure Caves of Androzani investigate the murder of an android businessman on Androzani Major.

Starring Maurice Roeves and Stotz and Barnaby Edwards as Krelper, featuring Jake McGann as Rory Salateen.

Written by Nick Briggs


The New Adventures of Miss Marple

Nick Briggs plays Miss Marple, with John Leeson as sidekick Mungo in this new series of adventures set in 1940s Abu Dhabi.

Written by Barnaby Edwards and Gary Russell. Directed by Gary Russell and Barnaby Edwards.

Special appearance by Mark Gatiss as The Coughing Man.


Season 23.5 - The Lost Stories

Ian Levine and Eric Saward complete eight stories they briefly discussed while out in a pub in Crouch End in 1984.

Starring Colin Baker as The Doctor with Bonnie Langford as Melanie Bush and Nick Briggs as Rubicon Glitz.

Special appearance by Jimmy Corkhill off of Brookside as The Master.


The Last Outpost

Unassuming website owner Joshua Stephen Lions realises he is the most powerful and important man in the universe - with shocking results.

Directed, produced, scored by and starring Nick Briggs and Barnaby Edwards.



Incomprehensible talking Cyberman

I received a talking Earthshock-era Cyberman from a mate a few years ago, and very good it is too. If you're looking at it. If you want to listen to it you're in for a shock.

Because while the talking Cyberman is supposed to have four phrases - "Emotion is a weakness" and "Excellent!" are the only ones I can remember - they all sound exactly the same. Which is to say the all sound like "schhh, tschhhhhh, shhhh, tshhh, tschhhchshchhh".

It's utterly hopeless at talking. But it still sounds better than the new Cyberman.

Hush child stop addlepating me!

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