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Doctor Who Unbound: The Brian of Morbius

Tales too stupid for the small screen, rendered in classic BBC VHS format. This time around the Fourth Doctor takes on the might of Morbius' Brian.

brian of morbius

  • Dazzy Hitch

    Hi, I’ve just spent an enjoyable couple of hours reading through your blog. It’s good stuff, and we seem to have similar tastes, so I thought I’d just send a comment to let you know your work is appreciated, and you’re not just posting into a vacuum. A few thoughts came to mind while reading :-
    New Who – You’ve put very nicely in to words some of the mounting frustrations I’ve had with Doctor Who since its glorious return, and we’re not alone. Most of my network of Who-heads, whether lifelong fans or new converts, are feeling rather disillusioned right now, sick to the back-teeth with incomprehensible storylines, pointless catchphrases, constant resurrections, quasi-fairytales, and flippin’ “Doctor Jesus”. It’s such a shame, but I can’t even raise any enthusiasm for the 50th anniversary episode – lets face it, it’s going to be more of the same underwhelming Moff nonsense, with added John Hurt “boo hoo, I’ve killed all the Timelords” hand-wringing thrown in.
    Missing Episodes – Utter rubbish, but oh, if only… Surely, in this day and age, keeping something as incredible as finding 90 long-lost episodes (or even a couple of complete stories) secret would be akin to faking the moon landings – the recovery work, audio-visual clean-up and marketing would require a huge team of people, some of whom would surely spill the beans decisively, not just whisper about it in the staff canteen? Of course, I so hope I’m wrong, which is why these rumours always have such a hold on us.
    Capaldi – That fangirl video you posted up was priceless. Capaldi is a great choice, but as you say, a massive risk. I’m actually rather confused – the whole ethos of modern Who is aimed squarely at the squeee-brigade, and Capaldi seems to be the antithesis of that – I can’t imagine how they can change direction so completely, especially with Moffat still at the helm. I fear we may get some awkward half-way house that will please no-one, and knock another hole in the slowly sinking ship…
    Blimey, didn’t mean to rattle on like that! Anyway, keep up the good work, and I look forward to reading your thoughts on the 50th birthday celebrations, including the DVD release of “The Web Of Fear” & “Marco Polo”… 🙂

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