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Dr Terror’s Vault of Horror

I loved the Vault of Horror spots on the BBC in the early-to-mid 90s and discovered a heck of a lot of good films through them. There was also a weekly episode of Kolchak: The Night Stalker, a fondly-remembered series I recently bought on DVD and found to be utter crap, but I mainly watched for Dr Terror.

He started off as Doctor Walpurgis one Halloween a couple of years previously but later got his own series, rather like a demonic version of Alex Cox's Moviedrome.

I do miss these oddities the BBC used to create, generally before closedown on Friday, Saturday or Sunday nights - and just about the only thing the BBC did in the early 90s that even waved a hand at the horror, fantasy or sci-fi genres, unless you count Crime Traveller.

The thought of them now is unthinkable, but I thought I'd share this compilation of the Doctor's best bits. Wonderful stuff.

PS. The Doc is played by Guy Henry, who you may have seen in Extras or Holby City. Good innee?

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