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Caves and Twins: The Girl Who Waited

Tom MacRae's previous effort - Rise of the Cybermen/The Age of Steel was a load of utter shit, so how would this one work out after a couple of lacklustre weeks?


Virtually everything - I loved all the performances; I loved the setting and set-up; I though the regulars did brilliantly; I liked the side to the Doctor in lying to Rory and then shutting out the older Amy.


I thought Rory's character devolved into the slightly feckless character he started off as - and there was some trademark Murray Gold cod-emotional indulgence - the musical equivalent of a crywank.

All told very good stuff. Among a very, very uneven season in which only the regulars have been consistently good The Girl Who Waited along with The Doctor's Wife have really delivered a template for how DOctor Who can shine in its current incarnation.

Let's hope someone at Upper Boat is making notes.

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