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Naughty Tom

Just discovered these outtakes from some corporate shite Tom Baker was, for some reason, employed to do back in the mists of time - for Symphony Group as far as I can tell.

It's Tom in full Horror of Fang Rock mode, deriding scripts, lexis and punctuation that he finds lacking - despite the fact that he clearly contradicts himself on some points.

Things take a macabre turn towards the end, but I'll leave you to discover how.

All told it's genuine laugh-out-loud stuff, Tom's sarcasm and vulgarity coming through beautifully. It's no wonder he found himself unemployable for a couple of decades, and it shouldn't leave any doubt that Tom can be a funny bugger - or a rude and fearful man if you're a producer.

I expect every one of his Who companions from Lis Sladen onwards would not be surprised.

A few choice quotes

You want me to sound like a fucking disc jockey!

Symphony ...even for monkey shaggers!

I adore distilled whippet shit

I can go on, this is so emotional I'm getting a stalk on here

...people who haven't been to sleep since 1946 will be in a fucking coma... in fact they['ll be in an irreversible coma... apart from that I find them quite fascinating

How did the world ever exist before fucking Symphony came into it?

That'll be number one in the fucking Singapore hit parade!

Symphony - it brings tears to my eyes just to say it

Hush child stop addlepating me!

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