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RIP Nick Courtney

Not much to say about Nick Courtney's passing, beyond that I met him briefly at the only convention I ever went to and found a charming man who seemed to have time for every fan in the place.

Only this weekend did he crop up in a conversation with a few other Doctor Who types, when I was recounting a story about how a fragile Courtney was mortified when Pertwee marched up to him in a bar and barked: "Of course, your trouble, Brig, is you're an alcoholic."

Courtney and Pertwee went on to become mates, and no-one seemed to have a bad word to say about him in all the years that followed, despite Doctor Who's predilection for bitchy anecdotes.

I remember, on the sole instance I met him, he shared a drink with a few fans he obviously knew - to some extent - and went from group to group to say hello. I thought it a nice thing to do; he clearly didn't have to. When he left he said "I'll see you anon."

See you anon, Brig.

Hush child stop addlepating me!

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