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Caves and Twins: The Pandorica Opens

The Pandorica finally opens in, er, The Pandorica opens - perhaps the most oblique season meme of the new series thus far. So, was this finale a bit War Games or totally, er, every single RTD series finale?



Opening scene - Fanwanky fun

Name-checking old monsters - Great fanboy moment

Dangerous Cybermen - Genuinely alarming, parasitic and threatening stuff - rather than the clunky old twats they were under RTD

Regular cast - All strong, especially Smith and Darvill

The twist - A neat subversion of the crash-bang-wallop RTD series finale we've become inured to

Some moments of direction - It's a genuine novelty to see something out of the usual BBC1 drama directors textbook. The moment the Doctor was dragged towards the Pandorica was one of those moments

Nestenes - Good reveal





- Never one to let a moment pass without a glut of bombastic and/or syrupy Hollywood blockbuster dross. Get rid of him FFS.

The actual monsters - The genuine paucity of quality in new series monsters - and lack of budget - was revealed by the revelation that the fucking Judoon and various other shit monsters had clubbed together to defeat the Doctor

Romans - Who gives a stuff?

Monster clusterfuck - A little bit Hinton, as a friend put it

The sonic screwdriver - Stupid magic wand-iness has crept in more and more this season

The Doctor's speech - Rather Tennanty

So, a bit Indiana Jones, a bit early-90s DWM comic strip, a bit Moffat-y - generally fun.

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