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Caves and Twins: The Big Bang

Confusing, exploding, emoting, deus ex-ing - The Big Bang was a rebooted Doctor Who end-of-series episode alright.

But was it, umm, any good, or was it as ultimately unsatisfying as all of the others?


Smith - magical and alien and brilliant

Gillen - Sassy and scared and screwed-up. Adorable.

Rory - An excellent male companion, who's more daffy-but-resourceful Harry Sullivan now, rather than a another castrated idiot man.

Smith's bedside soliloquy - Rather sums up the Eleventh Doctor and Matt Smith's performance - both note perfect

The wedding - Good entrance


Love saves the day - As long as you remember someone, they come back to life? Whatever.

Magic light - The light from the Pandorica brings people back to life? And jump starts the second big bang, or something.


Where is thy sting? - The Doctor dies and comes back to life. Amy dies and comes back to life. Over the course of this series Rory has died and come back to life. At least twice.

Wibbly wobbly timey wimey - Getting a bit samey wamey now

Murray Gold - Time for a regeneration

Despite all the bollocks about people coming back to life and the big fat reset switch, so beloved of RTD, and now seemingly an inescapable feature of all Doctor Who, it was pretty enjoyable.

• Caves and Twins? What are you dribbling on about?

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