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Caves and Twins: Vampires of Venice

We've had a couple of big-hitters – now it's time for something that could variously be described as a 'runaround', or a bit 'throwaway' in the shape of Toby Whithouse's Vampires of Venice.

The Doctor, Amy and The Emasculated Bloke run around Venice for a while, as some creepy girls chew the furniture, amongst other things.



Opening Doctor-in-cake scene

Looked good.

Smith and Gillan good as usual.

Some funny one-liners.



Rory – Doctor Who emasculated bloke #325

Plot – Thin, to say the least. Turned off, literally, by the press of a button.

SFX – Awful green-screen stuff of Smith scaling a tower

Time War creep – Elements of Doc Ten's lonely, anguished, lonely, guilty, lonely life creeping back in

Monsters - Fish that look like people. Makes a change from bats that look like people I suppose.

In fairness, Vampires of Venice wasn't bad. It just seemed very unambitious. There are a few decent New-Who episodes that fall into the same category: episodes I will never watch again.

• Caves and Twins? What are you dribbling on about?

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