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Caves and Twins: The Hungry Earth

Chibnall's much-dreaded two-parter kicks off with Inferno meets The Silurians meets some dreary regional soap opera. So, was The Hungry Earth like some of the bits from the five-part Torchwood, or was it like everything else he's written for Who and Torchwood?


Scenes in the night-time churchyard - They were quite good.

Regulars - Generally coped OK with some really weak stuff


Chibnall's characterisation - None of the lines he put in the mouths of his characters, none of whom are well-drawn or interesting, sound believable. I couldn't care less about any of them.

Chibnall's dialogue - Awful speeches by the Doctor again and again. Cliched lines for everyone concerned. Who's editing this stuff?

Meera Syal - A terrible actress in everything she's in

Pacing and plot - Stop-start, long spells where nothing happened. Boring and incoherent - with a side dose of running around.

TARDIS scenes towards the end - Simply embarrassing

Redesigned Silurians - What's the point? Predictably shit.

Worse than I'd anticipated. A misfire on virtually every level. Chibnall took one of the most interesting concepts in Who mythology and totally fucked it up.

• Caves and Twins? What are you dribbling on about?

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