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I have no idea what to make of the swirly vortex thing, or the head that appears at the end, or what I make of Matt Smith or Karen Gillen in this new trailer for the 2010 Doctor Who series.

I really don't know what to make of the new series from what I've heard of it at the moment - and some of those alleged on-set and off-set reports I've heard from my sources are rather concerning.

On one hand I'm glad the news series with Smith, and under Steven Moffat and Piers Wenger, is getting something of a reboot - the updated visuals, TARDIS and Daleks most obviously - but the trailers and promo shots have combined to bemuse me, more than anything.

It makes that promo picture make a bit more sense, in that it puts it into perspective, but it still seems very odd. The Doctor and Amy are looking at the stars, like they're in Wayne's World.

Then they're in the swirly whirly thing, with Daleks and Weeping Angels, then they're back on the ground. I suppose it's meant to communicate the vastness of time and space and the potential adventure every star in the sky promises.

But it doesn't deliver in anything like the same way as the 'Do you wanna come with me?' trailer with Eccleston. It just feels a bit confused.

What worries me most is when I see Matt Smith saying 'I am The Doctor' I just don't believe it. He doesn't look right.

I'll be delighted, and not hugely surprised, if all of my concerns come to nothing. The series has been crying out for an injection of something different for ages now.

Will the fifth series be too different? Will that gamble on Smith pay off? Will Ian Levine dynamite his Sky+ box?

Time will tell, it always does...

Hush child stop addlepating me!

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